Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scarves, belts and bags

1500 pcs. assorted silk skirts: 2.0 USD

100 pcs. 100% dupion silk stoles: 9.00 USD
100 pcs. 100% pure silk stoles: 9.00 USD
300 pcs art silk scarves @ 2.00 USD

1300 pcs. jasmine silk scarves (3-4 colors): 2.00 USD

300 pcs. silk check scarves@ 2.00 USD
150 pcs organza fundey silk scarves in pink, white & black color@ 5.5 USD

200 pcs. crushed satin silk scarves: 2.0 USD

300 pcs. cotton bandhej skirts (100 cm x 200 cm): 2.0 USD

500 belts (brown, red, pink, turquoise): 3.00 USD

500 pcs. cotton durry material jhola shoulder bags: 2.0 USD


  1. Really beautiful, are all of these made by you? I too make my own Jhola Bags but my style of jholas are very different compared to yours.

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